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Falling in Love and Marriage


There are 7 billion people in this world.


Men and women have different bodies, brains and ways of thinking.


Also, each of us are very unique beings.


It does not mean that we won't be able to understand each other.


So, let's look at situations from a distance.


You might find something you have never noticed before.


For example, when you look at a painting and you stand too close to it, you see only a part of it .


If you step back to view it you'll see the whole painting.


When you expand your view, things that bothered you will seem trivial.


You realize that it is a small portion of the entire vision.


People encounter each other by fate.


So the person in front of you is precious.


Because you have met that particular person out of billions of people.


If you get trapped in a small thing, you will miss something important.


Most of the time, when you see something in a person, you only see what you want to see to fulfill your needs.


Your encounters are not only to meet your needs or expectations.


You meet people to share and grow together.


Happiness doubles when you share and sadness is reduced by half by sharing.



That is a gift from God.


Please don't miss the chance to share joyful moments by focusing on a small unimportant matters.


Especially with your partner, you have a long way to walk together.


On the way, there will be peaks and valleys.


However, all you experience along the way is for you to have true happiness.


All are prepared for you to create a happy life with your partner.


You can feel love when you give your love to someone.


Of course, you feel love and fulfill yourself with your love too.


However, when you share your love, it will radiate more and more.


Please share your love with your partner.


And that radiation of love will bring abundance in your life.