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There are two kinds of health. One is physical health and the other is mental health.

Let's talk about the physical health today.


Is your body healthy?


We are using this vehicle, called body, and running on rails called life.


Sometimes, it runs slowly and stops at each station.

Other times, it runs like a bullet train.

If you think about it, we cannot live our lives without this vehicle.


Through the body, we can experience various events.

It stops at different stations and shows us many scenes.

It takes us to various locations and gives a chance to encounter many people.


Like it or not, your body is your best friend because it's been with you the whole time.


So your body knows everything about you.


This vehicle departed from the big terminal called the universe and is heading towards various destinations.

In the central terminal, there is a watchtower

and you are always monitored.

If you are being reckless or heading towards

the wrong direction, then the vehicle would break down.



However, it is just a warning.


God is watching you from the watchtower and

if you are not moving towards a happy destination,

He will interfere with your way, saying "Don't go that way."



Healthy mind and healthy body are imperative to living a fulfilling life.

Your body supports you everyday.

How much do you take care of your body consciously?


How grateful are you for your mind that creates your happiness?



The true health consists of both your body and mind.

Since they are connected, you cannot be happy one without the other.


A healthy life will guarantee to lead you to a happy life.


Normal daily activities you take for granted ;such as walking, brushing teeth,

changing clothes, eating delicious food and seeing friends etc,

However, you are able to do all these actions based on your health condition.

Sometimes, you don't realize what you have until you lose it.



God gave you a body for you to experience happiness.


Your sacred spirit is inside of your body.

Please take good care of your body and appreciate it.


One more thing,

when you are away from your happiness, you get sick easily.

You are the only person who can recognize the condition of your happiness.


If you ignore yourself and live for others expectation, lie, or

think about fulfilling only your ego,

then you are staying away from your happiness. Happiness for you is God' s wish.


Live honestly and listen to your inner voice.


you will lose joy, and your body and mind cannot feel happiness.

You will even lose love and as a result, you may get sick.


Illnesses are not the final destination.

When you get sick, that is the time you realize what is important.


How is your life?

How much have you been ignoring your inner voice?


Illnesses arise for your happiness, not for your unhappiness.


God gave you a life not for you to be unhappy and sick.


You have a mission.

It is up to you if you find it or not.


You shouldn't live for others nor seek your happiness in fulfilling expectations of others.


You become the source of your life and care for yourself.


What do you put in your body?

What you eat also affects your feature.


Your body needs proper diet and regular exercises.

Your mind needs to feel joy by watching beautiful things and listening moving stories.


Most importantly, you should be your true self.

Meanwhile you should surround yourself with great people.


When you are consciously aware of the importance of an encounter,

your happiness multiplies from there.


You will have more moments of laughter.


You will help each other more and it is very important for your life.


Building trust is important for a supportive relationship.

You develop yourself as a trustworthy person and

respect other persons who you want to trust.


Visualize good images, express them with beautiful words and take action!

In other words, you should be willing to create a sharing community and participate in it.


This kind of sharing moment is a multiplication rather than division.

Happiness doubles when you two share and it triples when you share with 3 people.


That's the power of happy vibration.

It's as powerful as killing abnormal cells.


Your health is derived from yourself.

You stand on your feet and experience and share happy times with people you love.


You need to take care of your body as well as your mind in order to stand on your feet.


Clear your mind and images and select beautiful words to communicate.


Everyday, you should feel that you are the greatest being on earth.

Be grateful.


There is a meaning in each encounter on the stage called "Life."

So appreciate the sacred being in front of you.


When you fulfill your body and mind with appreciation,

your life gets rich and richer and illness will disappear.


Please look up and see...

You can see the huge sky, can't you?

Beyond that, there is a big universe.


You are a part of it and so are others.


Your role is not only to live for yourself alone

but also you are connected with all the people and the universe beyond yourself.


Your healthy mind and body make you happy and that will also make others happy.


Please don't forget it is the God's dearest wish.