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The Rule of Words



Speaking beautifully brings abundance and happiness in your life.


This is the base of your health, finance, relationship, love and everything.


How much attention do you pay to what kind of words you speak?


Have you subconsciously been using negative phrases such as the ones below ?


“I don’t have the ability to do the job.”


“I’m not attractive.”


“I’m inflexible.”


“I’m sluggish.”


How much of these kinds of adjectives are actually true?


When you say that you are not attractive ,who you are comparing that with ?


Has anyone told you so?


We often say that everyone thinks so ;but have you asked all the people?


In fact, almost all the criticisms are your subjective views but there is no evidence.


It is only your opinion but you think it is fact.


Words have power. Some words can be healing , others can hurt you like a razor.


Words should work just as a tool to express your feelings.


If you take the words as if they were the actual truth then there would be a big problem.


This can happen among family members, co-workers or any kinds of relationships.


Especially, you should be careful with judgmental comments such as


“he is good for nothing” or “she is self-centered”.


Again, who are you comparing them to? Is it really true all the time?


This is the case where a simple feeling grows into a fixed concept and it works as a hidden pitfall.


It is invisible so you may not notice at first.


You may think words will soon disappear…


It’s not true.


Words remain.


The sound of the words may disappear instantaneously ,


but words also bring some energy and images that remain in you and others for a long time.


Therefore, using beautiful words is the shortcut to making your life beautiful.


The question is how to change the words you use daily.


For example, in your space you feel something like “I’m lonely”.


Then, you start looking for something or someone to fulfill your loneliness and have the belief that someone or something is able to eliminate your loneliness.


However, is that really true?


If you are trying to find something you lack from outside, you will be always affected by the outer world.


Surely opinions of others and values will influence you greatly.


When your world starts centering around others, you would lose your power.


Your life is depending on others…


The real happiness is derived from independence.


The idea of, "I'm lonely, therefore, he will make me happy” needs to be changed.


You start from “I want to be happy” and have that image.


Next, you would create the space of “I make myself happy” and develop the state of “I am happy”.


The negative adjective of “Lonely” turns into a positive adjective of “Happy.”


At work, you might feel something like to say “I’m not confident” and feel that higher position will give me more confidence.


Is that true? What would you feel if there is no longer a higher position?


First, you need to have an image of giving confidence to yourself and take actions voluntary.


This flow will create the space for you to allow the change to be “I’m confident about myself.”


So, please don’t forget that whatever you speak unconsciously, especially negative words is not reality.


It is the virtual reality. It is only the reflection of your subjective view.


One more thing….


There is a difference between “proper words” and “beautiful words.”


The proper words are used to communicate the facts and it often wounds one’s pride.


On the other hand, beautiful words will not hurt and protect one’s dignity.


So, it is very import to choose what kind of words you take into your heart and what kind of words you choose to communicate with others.


Hurting words toward you and others is going against your life mission.


The words that hurt you will take away your happiness.


Your words that hurt others will take away their happiness as well as yours.


Your mind, body, movement, the world, and the universe, everything is connected by the vibration.


All is energy.


Whatever comes in your mind will vibrate to the world around you.


Therefore, speaking beautiful words is the first step towards real happiness.


You can start with noticing your negative words first.


Please be aware and have the courage to change the words to positive ones.


You are free to hold any subjective viewpoints, however, whatever they are,


they will manifest in your world.


So, it is better to fill your life with beauty which makes your life more joyful and beautiful.


Having that awareness makes a big difference.


The words you emanate will come back to you.


Everything is connected.


Speak beautifully and grasp the happiness in the beautiful world.