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Grammar of Happiness: Problem solving




You are here not to deal with daily stuff with small self ego.


Everyone is born with a role to be happy and make others happy.


Then, why is there a problem?


It is because there is a gap between your actual knowledge and action you take.


In other words, there is a gap between the ideal and reality.


Let me explain a little more.


For example, if you wish to be more beautiful.


First, you get some knowledge about make-up and fashion, but if you don’t take actions such as dressing up or wearing make-up , the contradiction gets bigger and bigger.


Moreover, you might start getting jealous of other beautiful people or have a negative image of “I’m not beautiful.” This causes a negative spiral.


Same thing can be apply for earning money.


You make 300,000 yen/month and study about how to make 1,000,000 yen, but if you don’t take any actions you won’t be able to make money. So, there will be a gap between the reality and ideal.


As a result, you will create a negative image of “I’m not rich” and believe that is you.


There is nothing wrong about the gap between the realities and ideals.


If the gap comes from what you really wish to do then it will create a positive stress, but if the gap comes from others saying then, it will create a negative stress.



The negative stress causes illness or incidents.


Therefore, all the wishes, dreams, ideals have to be based on your inner voice.


When there is a problem, this is the key to the solution.


Change your uncomfortable or unsatisfied feeling into pleasure.


In short, if your problem comes from your wish, overcoming it gives you a pleasure. It is actually very exciting to move towards your dream step by step!


On the other hand, if your problem comes from others expectation, then it only creates negative stresses.


Remember how to operate your mind.


You can not fool your true self.


If you lie to yourself, then you will create a problem and things are not going well.


Ask yourself:


Is your problem derived from your own wish or others expectation?


If your problem is there for you to manifest your wish, then you have the power to solve it.


You somehow will attract the helpers, information or incidence to solve it.


It is because your role is to be happy and live fulfilled life.