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Grammar of Happiness: Structure of the Heart



What kind of image do you have for the word of “mind”.


In English, there are various words such as heart, spirit and soul.


The heart is actually composed of 3 parts.


Imagine the hour glass.


The top triangular pyramid is soul.

The middle connecting part is spirit.

The bottom triangular pyramid is mind.


All of these together are called heart.



In the soul, you hear the inner voice and get inspirations.


From larger viewpoint, the soul is where you receive the voice from the universe as well god’s messages is received.


In this place, you create images.


In the mind, you choose the words or sentences to describe the images.


All words from the universe are in this place.


In the spirit, selected words or sentences become speech. This is called “KOTODAMA” the spirit of words.


We all have a sacred beautiful soul as we were born. From the soul, you connect with God and Universe.


In the current society, so many values and information are mixed which creates a confused mind.


You are affected by other’s value or social standards so the noise drowns out the message from God or inner voice.


Therefore, important words and unimportant words for you are mixed up.


I should be married because of my age…


I have no money so that I’m a loser….etc


Your life should be free but because of this, isn’t your life limited by certain limitations?


Are you do somethings to get others approval and ignore your own inner voice?


Your true happiness is in your heart where you listen to the inner voice.


What really makes your life happy?


Live your life for your happiness not for others evaluations.



What do you wish?


You are the only one who know the answer.


You certainly know it.


Reduce the volume of the noise and create the space in your mind.


Imagine what you want to be and what kind of life you want to live.


First, we create images, form words and speak out.


If these images are distorted by other’s values or limitations, the mind and body get sick.


Therefore, it is important that you listen to God’s voice in your soul and create a beautiful image in the mind and speak beautiful words with your spirit.


None of these can be messed up.


As I mentioned earlier, we all have a beautiful soul where God exists.


When your mind is not clear, you might think you can just say the nice words to others, then you will be just a liar or hypocrite.


On the contrary, a master has a good mind but he uses negative words and picks on students.


Either case, the vibration is very negative.


Your inner voice is always talking to you.


It is telling you how you can be happy and this continues all your life.


Let me talk about one more story about the heart.


There are two types of hearts.


“Tenshin” represents the heart of God.


“Shishin” represents the heart of human.


Originally, God heart and human heart are the same.


When human heart moves away from God heart, your life becomes difficult.



And if you continue to ignore God heart, you get sick or start speaking negatively.


Your human heart gets poisoned and God heart will be in sorrow.


You are actually connected to the sacred God heart but you forget about it.


Your inner voice works as your inspiration.


It is trying to help you all the time.


It wishes your happiness 24 hours 365days


The short cut to your happiness is listening to the voice in the heart.


Do not live for someone else or live self centered way of living, but live honestly.


Make your self honest.


Whom do you need to be honest to?


To your self!


It is said that right mind brings happiness.


So be honest to the voice from your heart.


You don’t need to lie anymore.


It does not mean that you can be selfish but just be truly honest to your own voice.


If you do so, you will be connected to your own source and naturally you will be fulfilled with love.


You cannot listen because you mind is too noisy.


If you calm your mind, then you will see that you are a part of this big universe.


Therefore, you need to live voluntary instead of passively.


You are here for not only listen to others.


You are here for not only pass the time.


Your life means more than that.


You are here to find your role and your mission.


That is the ultimate way to live happily.


There will be some problems or obstacles in your life but they are prepared for you as tasks or lessons for you to re-connect with your inner voice.


All the obstacles that appear in front of you can be overcome.


They are prepared for you as lessons.


As you overcome these obstacles, go with the big flow.


There is a place above the sky…place like the heaven.


From there, everything is prepared for you.


It is watching you whether you are walking towards your happiness or somewhere else.


Is your human heart connected to God heart now?


Are your spirit, mind and soul in beautiful harmony?


If it is not, first step is notice it. You can start from there.


Please value your intuition because it is a message from your spirit and form words from it.


Your mistakes will not be wiped out but it is for you to recognize your positive side.


It is prepared for you to resolve your problems in front of you and for you to grow.


It is the best gift for you to be happier.