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Changing the Scenery of your heart



Your mind sometimes stops you from moving forward.


Your mind prevents you from taking action or doing something.


It brings up a lot of good excuses and blocks the doorway of your heart.


It whispers you “you can do that later” or “you can go there some other times.”


Whenever these kinds of tricks appear in your mind, please remember the very first feeling


of your desire to go or to do.


That feeling must be your very honest feeling.


“I want to go there!”

“I wanna try this.”

“This feels exiting!”


How did it feel?


Did you feel exited?


Did your body feel energized?


When you remember that feeling, your mind will be reset to the original state before all the tricks come in.


“Yes, I feel there is something new and exiting. I have a feeling I will meet interesting people.”


Your heart will rejoice.


If you don’t move, your world will not change.


Even though you have an expensive foreign car, if you just stay at the parking lot, there is no fun.


On the contrary, you can ride on an old bike and wonder around. You will see the different scenery and people.


It may rain on you sometimes.


You may get lost and feel upset!


Then, you can get an umbrella.


If you are driving an old car, you get a free car wash! (Just kidding)


Because you are getting lost, you may accidentally find a very delicious cake shop.


Please remember the first sensation of your desire.


Then your heart will lift up and body starts moving.


Somehow, you may discover something has changed…differently than from yesterday.


The change might be very subtle.


A small change is OK.


If you don’t move, you will miss the feeling of the wind in four seasons or sunshine through new green leaves.


It’s not a coincidence when you encounter someone.


There is a meaning for each encountering.


Things happen for a reason.


The next step may happen when you are least expecting it.


Move your heart and body to sow new seeds in the garden called your life and believe


that something will sprout.


A little change or little growth is worth cerebration. “Yes, I feel great!”


Long time ago, my friend gave me this phrase.


“Because you are alive, take actions! You can stop when you die.”


Make sense?


Listen to the voice in your heart.


Your heart will know the way to your happiness.


Please take a good care of your inner voice.