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Grammar of Happiness: 3 key concepts



Do you really know yourself? You might think this is a vague question.


It is kind of strange that you don’t really know who you are even though you are

with yourself more than anybody else.


Often we tend to sacrifice ourselves in order to be loved.

It is a natural need to be loved.


The problem is forgetting to love yourself.


When you give a lot of love to yourself, you can give more love or receive more love from other people.


These are 3 key concepts to be a given to women.


1. Well balanced words

Ability to image beautiful words, think and speak beautifully.

Speak beautiful to others as well as yourself. Words have a great impact on any kind of relationship.

The energy of words influences to the people around and the future incidents.

In short, whats inside of you will manifest in the outer world.

By using beautiful words, attract the beautiful incidents.


2. Creativity

Create beautiful self images.

As I mentioned in “Structure of Heart,” we create image first and then form words from that image.

Imagine what you want to be, what kind of life you want to pursue...Imagine harder!

Everything starts from an image.

*See the details in the article “Self Image.”


3. Innovation & Invention

Be innovative to polish yourself. You take an action that reflects the beautiful image and words.

We are taking actions based on our images by using antennas.

The actions are to grab what you wish for. You should not expect others to fulfill your needs.


In short, you are producing your own stage.

You can innovate what to see or listen to.



You have a mission on this stage called life. Your mission is not just doing what you are told to do.

It’s not the matter of whether it is small or big.


Being happy is the mission of your life.


However, you are the only one who knows how to make it happens because everyone has a different inner voice.

Everyone and every incidence is all connected. When you connect with your inner voice, the vibration starts influencing the people around you.


Happiness does not exist outside. It’s within you.

Whatever in you will be projected to the outer world.

If you are filled with beautiful things and love, then the world you live in will be also filled with love.


It starts with love and ends with love.

Love is life. Life is Love.