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Grammar of Happiness


There is a common grammar of happiness among relationships, work, romance, marriages and parenting, Once you know it, every relationship will go well.




It sounds like magic but in fact, everyone can use it from now on.


-Word rules


-How to operate the mind


-Problem solving


-Three types of power


Once you learn this grammar, your life will be more abundant and joyful.


Everyone is given a role to play on the stage called life to make himself happy.


You are here to be happy not just to pass the time.




You were given life to play a role.


You are more than one individual and connected to the big universe which is taking care of you.


The universe keeps sending you messages for you to be happy.


Can you hear them? Listen carefully !!


You can only listen to this voice when you truly listen to your inner voice.


As you follow the voice, your happiness is manifested more and more.


Life is about experience ultimate love.


It begins with love and ends with love. Love is life. Life is love.


Let’s live for love.




Receive love and give love in your life.