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Inner Voice


Do you hear your own voice?

You might say, of course I do. Since you can hear yourself as you speak.

However, here we are talking about the inner voice.

It's not the voice in your head but it comes from deep inside of you.

We are influenced by the environment.

There are various values from the parents, society or friends

These ideas are interweaving and affecting your decision making.

Sometimes, these ideas keep your mind away from what you really want to do or who you really want to become.

Everyone wants to be loved, right?

So, we tend to do what other people want.

You might have various ideas like.....

At the same time, you ignore your own voice.

You choose the words to make people happy.

It is because you believe that happiness is something you receive from others.

You think it's from outside.



Having a romantic relationship makes me happy.

I'll be happy when I get married.

My Partner should make me happy.


You give your source of your happiness to other people.

When you give up to be the source of your own happiness,

you start complaining and choosing the words to blame others.


However, this is the cause of all the problems.


If you want to be happy, you should be happy by yourself.

That is the easiest and best way.


Listening to your inner voice is the way to happiness.


Everybody has he/her inner voice.

You were born to be happy here in this world.


Your inner voice will lead you to the direction towards your happiness.


Your happiness does not come from sacrificing yourself or

living your life for others expectations.


The voice knows only your way to be happy not by coping someone else.


Please listen to your inner voice.

It is there right now...