Japanese English

Self image



Do what you want.


Do what you like.


Be what you want to be.


You were born into this universe.


The universe keeps sending you messages for you to be truly happy.


You may not hear them because your mind is full of noise.


It is easy to be overwhelmed and confused with the overflowing information.


For example,


You should have a child by X years old.


You should get married.


You should be this way as a good wife.


Don’t be a looser…etc..


There are so many social standards around you and you might be trying hard to fit in.


But…are you really happy with all these standards?


Put your hand on your heart and feel it.


The answer is NO, right?


What makes you happy is something what you know best.


Something suitable only for you as an individual.


There are many ways to be happy but the only way you can find it


is to listen to your inner voice and have a good self image.



Ask yourself…


What kind of person do you want to be?


How would you want to be loved as a mother or wife?


There must be various dreams.


First, you should start with having a beautiful self image.


If you don’t have it, it won’t reflect to the world around you.


You may not be the person you like right now but you can start creating a good self image


at the moment you wish to.


Please don’t wait for someone else to bring your happiness. Because it will never happen!


Create your happiness on your own.


That’s the short cut to your happiness.


In fact, relationships, marriage and everything around you will turn into happy color when you first become happy with-in.


Praise yourself and remember you are a sacred being.


What makes your heart joyful?


What do you enjoy?


Who do you want to be to feel happy?


Expand your image.


The image will move you and let you speak and lead you to a new world.


Believe yourself that the new world waits you with abundant happiness.