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Producer of Life



Imagine what you want to be.


Are you with your loving partner and creating happiness with a smile?


You might have various images.


Keep on imaging.


It’s also good to write them down.


What would life be like in 10 years, 20 years, or 50 years?


Just write them down without hesitation.


Your thoughts will lead you there.


So just keep dreaming.


Think about what you can do now to get there?


There might be a gap between the current and ideal situation.


It might be stressful to do but it’s for you to reach your dream.


Try it from different angles.


For example, if your dream is to own a house, going to see the open house or imaging


an ideal house with the picture of house magazines.


Create the financial plan and save money for it.


All of these steps are exiting!


If you pursue what other people told you to do so, you might feel negative.


However, if what you image comes from your pure desire to be happy, then you should be able to enjoy the journey to get there.


Once you have a strong wish, then take action next!


Many problems are raised form the contradictions between the knowledge (knowing) and action (doing).


If you just make a plan but you don’t move then you can never reach the destination.



One more example…


If you wish to be more beautiful for someone you love, then you might go to a hair salon


to improve your image.


Or you might start eating healthy.


It is necessary to take various actions.


Use your mind and feel with your heart, you are getting closer and closer to your dream by taking action.


One more thing,


Human beings tend to get tired.


Especially, if you stay with the same people, you don’t feel appreciation.


You take it for granted and only see the problems.


Let’s say, you are experiencing negative feelings of boredom in your house.


You feel that your family or your husband is not making you happy.


Your negative feeling won’t disappear when you are in such a dependant position.


If you change your attitude to make your family happy or make you happy with them,


then you will start seeing the change towards the happiness of everyone.


Starting from you, everything can be changed.


Not because of the action of someone else, you will be the source of the change you want.


If you feel board, then you can try to change it to something enjoyable by planning an


event or taking a trip.


The same thing can be applied to the everyday matters to your life.


Let’s produce your stage called life.


Then you start seeing various scenarios.


Making it unwearied is unwearied!


If you feel that you and your partner aren’t communicating well, then you can ask him to go to


a restaurant. Or ask him to go to see a movie together.


You will become a producer and life designer.


Start with a small event that you can enjoy.


The important thing is for you to be able to enjoy.


You can be totally revise and feel happy to make others happy.


But it is impossible to make others happy unless you enjoy it.


Value what you want and what you enjoy!


In a relationship or marriage, people tend to be more dependent on each other and start forming their lives based on the others axis.


He (my husband) makes me happy.


But it’s not good idea to sacrifice your desire, your time with your friend or your time for your hobby for this.


The happiness overflows inside and keeps flowing to the outer world and people around you.


As you become the producer of your own life, you can maximize your talent as well as others.


Then, the stage called life will be very interesting.