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Power of Words


What kind of words are you choosing everyday?


The words represent your inner self and you will attract the same vibe.


Are you speaking with love words?


Are you using the words that make you and others happy?


Let’s look at the condition of your heart.


Are you happy now?


Are you fulfilled?


You can only fulfill others when you are fulfilled yourself.


Your inner love will make others happy as well.


Shifting your mind from “He makes me happy” to “I’ll be happy” will bring miracles.


This is true.


Taking good care of yourself, will give you the space to take care of others.


If you don’t treat yourself good, you won’t have the space.


As a result your words will be influenced.


For example, when you say “He is not kind” or “He is dull”, is that really true?


Step back from your standpoint and take a look at it from there.


Reexamine what you said.


It is only your subjective view but not the fact.


You may think he is not kind but he may give away his seat to the elderly.


Or he may be a punctual person.


In fact, the words, especially the adjectives are very subjective and not based on the fact.


Words are used to communicate the feelings not the facts.


If you don’t understand this rule, you only desire others to make you happy and tell them something negative. As a result, they are running away from you!


“You are dull”


“You don’t make enough money”


“You are useless”


How do these phrases make you feel?


You wouldn’t feel good, would you?


If it doesn’t feel good to you, it does not feel good to others as well.


They are there not to make you happy.


They are there to share the happiness with you.


They cannot make you happy


First, calm down and fill yourself with beautiful images.


Create the beautiful images of yourself and the life with your partner.


Imagine what you want to be and what kind of life you’ll create with him…


Once you have the images, then start using beautiful words.


In short, the key to the happiness is using beautiful words and express beautifully.



You are here not only to deal with the things in front of you.


Those incidents are prepared for you to be happy.


All the people you meet are also there to make you happier.


You are always watched by the universe above.


You are a part of the big universe.


You inner voice is a message from the universe and keeps talking with you.


Problems occur when you are not listening to your inner voice.


They are there for you to notice something.


It means there are no problems or obstacles that you are unable to overcome.


Yes, all is prepared for you.


There are always hidden meanings and knowing them is the guide to your happiness.


He may not be a perfect man but no one else is perfect.


Everybody has some strengths and weaknesses.


Therefore we need each other to grow.


Create self images in your heart and communicate with others with beautiful words.


Especially women, you sometimes start speaking before thinking.


You just let it out.


You can be very emotional but remember your feeling is subjective and not the fact.


The words coming from your emotional feelings may hurt others pride.


Usually, people are afraid to damage their self esteem.


You are trying to throw something non-factual and unseen.


Expand the kindness in you.


For that, you have to be kind to yourself first.


Expand the happiness in you.


For that, you have to be the source of your happiness.


You will be more beautiful by beautifying your thoughts.


And that vibration will influence the people around you.


When you are emotional, it is recommended to speak slowly, 30 times slower than the usual.


When you speak fast, you tend to forget something important.


If your mind is occupied with what’s in front, then you will not able to see the vast vision of the life.


Always remember to step back and see it from the objective point of view.


Then you will notice what you speak.


Realize that you were born to be happy and make others happy.


The person in front of you and you are the same.


Both are here to live to be happy.