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Sexy, Lovely and Ecstasy



Just like cherry blossom petals swirl around in the spring,
just like sunflowers sway under the sun in the summer,
just like fallen leaves fly away with cold winds in the fall,
and just like snow piles up silently, life is always sacred.


However, sometimes as the dark side of sacredness, there are many chaotic incidents such as fights and conflicts.


You might need more courage and momentum to overcome them.


All of these are deep interesting pieces of your life.


Whatever is happening, the universe is watching you and smiling at you.


What is beautiful life?


It’s composed of a romantic relationship, family and beautiful sweet memories.


Whether you are a man or woman, everyone is a scenario writer of one’s own life.


Regardless of your gender, the more passionately you fall in love, better job you can do.


Throughout the world, there are famous ruins, architectures, and castles.


Behind the scene, there is always a romance between man and woman.


The power (love passion) pushes people to build a castle!


Man and woman fall in love and hold each other tight.



They may fight, get married or divorced.


They sometimes praise each other and conflict with pride.


They might be mean to each other and complain or play hide and seek.


There are various drama scenes.


In the dramas, man and woman are often manipulated by the universe intentionally.


What does it mean?


Even though they want to disconnect from each other, there are orders from the universe.


"Have more children and increase the population to conquer the earth."


In fact, men and women are given their lives to fall in love and prosperity of descendants as their destiny.


All is decided by the universe. All being, men, women, animals, plants are included.


The universe wants you to experience beautiful burning love!


These are the lists of human basic needs: desires for possession, fame, sex, food, and sleep, as obstacles.


However, at the very very bottom, there is an instinctive desire for burning love.


To love and to be loved.


That’s the intentional trick of God.


Desire for money or power is actually to fulfill this instinctive desire.


When it is fulfilled, it will bring peace and a beautiful buildings for the future.


If it is fulfilled with devastated way, it causes a war or conflicts.


Therefore, the joy of life is a gift from God.


Love power is huge!


Love power can even change the human history like Jeanne d'Arc did.


You should know that you were born to love and to be loved.


A beautiful life starts with beautiful romance.


Someone who fall in love a lot will be happy for sure.


The key words for the 21st centuries are sexy, lovely, and ecstasy.


The universe wishes for a loving beautiful life so you are given this life.


Love is all. Love is life.