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Model of Matrimonial Harmony


Creating a different vibration from each other consciously is one of the keys for keeping a happy relationship.


For example, if a husband is throwing a straight ball, then the wife should throw a curve ball.


If a husband draws a straight line, the wife should draw a curve.


If a husband listens to rock music, the wife may want to try the classical music.


In short, when a couple is in disagreement it is better not to expose all the emotions.


When the wife’s anger peaks and the husband does the same,


then their energy hits against each other and a fight turns into a war.


Once the relationship becomes a war, it is hard to recover and could end up with divorce.


When the wife is angry, the husband should do something else such as preparing a bath,


washing dishes or cleaning up her room, and try not to confront with her anger.


And then when she calms down, listen to what she has to say.


When one person is emotional and the other person becomes emotional then it is like throwing wood on


the fire but if you wait until the fire is minimized then you can avoid the major explosion.


When you talk to your partner, it helps to take note of what she or he said…


It is very important to confirm each other’s needs.


It is not a fight that makes us separate but it is just different viewpoints cause a problem.


Holding back what you want to say or not confirming what’s going on could end up in divorce.




You don’t have to undermine what you have to say but you should always tell the true feeling gently.



Wife and husband.


Mother and child.


Parents and children.


Teacher and student.


Man and woman.


Mother in law and daughter in law.


Father in law and son in law.


Grandfather and ground son


Supervisor and subordinates.


President and shareholders


All the relationships follow the same rule.


One person is angry, and then you can choose to stay calm.


Instead of fighting in the same vibration, create the opposite vibration deliberately. Opposite energies will be neutralized to zero. And then, you can talk about whatever is in your mind with a caring heart.


Having this awareness is the key for a happy marriage.


From my experience, the ability for getting along with your partner for a long time is to be able to control your emotional waves. Watch the partner’s vibration and try not to conflict with the same vibration, and consciously create the gap especially when you are in a disagreement.


Our bodies also have vibration and so do are minds.


It is sometimes hard to surf on all of these waves but we can also say that it makes life interesting.