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Make Friends of Enemies


It’s been more than 8 years since I stop using a wristwatch.


It feels great!


I used to pay attention to the time and look at the wristwatch frequently.


Rushing to catch a train, working through the night, or on weekends, I always paced myself by looking at my wristwatch and tried to create more clients.


One day, all of a sudden, I hated myself being that way.


So I decided not to wear the wristwatch and then I felt great!


I recommend it!


When you don’t think about the time, you feel relaxed and might want to take a walk.


You can concentrate on sorting out your thoughts and making plans clearly because there is no interruption.


Then, naturally, you get ideas intuitively and write them down.


So, you are writing down the message from the universe.


The message from universe will lead to your happiness.


If you stay open like this, you also receive the idea to make enemies into friends.


You can fight anytime if you want.


Dogs, cats, mice fight but the human beings have another option.


Take time, step back and breathe.


Then you get some idea to deal with the person and the conflict will minimize.



Discard the concept of time.


Do not overflow by the time and live freely.


Then you will have more space in you.


You will be confident to deal with any kind of problems because the idea will come down from the universe.


You are connected with the universe.


So if you have enough space inside, you will surely receive a lot of great ideas from the universe.


A long time ago, someone asked Thomas Edison “How could you invent something like that?”, and then Edison replied “Don’t watch the clock and concentrate on thinking.”


Let go of the time.


Instead of hurrying, stay relaxed.


Enjoy focusing on the moment when ideas are created.


You will see different perspectives of the life.