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Big bowl and small bowl



Let’s imagine there is a bowl in front of you, something like a rice bowl.


You are standing in the middle of the bowl and other people are sitting on the rim of the bowl.


When you look up and praise them, and imitate the good parts of them, naturally a lot of happiness and wealth are coming into the bowl. Osaka merchants know this trick very well.


On the other hand, if you put the bowl upside down and you stand on the little circle of the bottom of the bowl then you are looking down on other people.


From there, you always criticize and disrespect others or make fun of them, then people run away from you As a result there would be no friends left and all the happiness is gone.


Finally there will be a little happiness in the small circle of the bottom of the bowl and eventually all the money is gone and you will be very poor.


Smart people often see others as dumb and tend to talk very fast.


They may use big words or some foreign phases just to show off.


These kinds of people tend to have very fixed viewpoints and use very assertive words.


They cannot see beyond their noses.


Moreover, they are not playful.


This is something we all need to be careful of.


Be comfortable, relaxed and playful.


This applies to all…such as your attitude, way of thinking and speaking, and how


you treat people or yourself.


Without being playful or comfortable, life will not flow and expand affluently.


I know many people who graduated from well-known universities such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Keio,Wadseda, and I realized that people who enjoy their lives and feel relaxed use kind words. They speak very slowly and softly like a farmer as if they are talking to elementary school students.


They are always looking at their strengths and how to apply them. As leaders, they see what the best use of each talent and create a team.


They would never just cut off people with assertive words or superficial things, and if they did, they would disappear from the front-line with in 10 years.


I know this for sure from my experience.


Open your heart and let’s live the life with soft words.


We have a saying “move forward by looking up and live by looking down.”


In short, for your self-growth, learn from the people who are ahead of you and move forward with dreams and hopes. Also, never forget about the people who live in a harder situation than you . This reminds you of what you take for granted and is something you should be grateful for in daily life.


There are many people filled with sadness in this world.


Live your life kindly.


And you can change a small portion of sadness into happiness.


Notice the people around you and appreciate them. Be grateful for all and live with appreciation.


Living a kind life is a way of living and also a philosophy.


Politics starts from love and ends with love.


Life starts from love and ends with love.


Love is life. Life is love. Love is life.


Choose to live kindly.


If you don’t have the kind space, you cannot connect with other people.


Living kindly is for your happiness. If you have that commitment, beautiful encounters


will be brought to you.


Kind heart attracts another kind heart.


Kind life attracts another kind life.


You are alive for a reason…


Be in touch with your kindness and spread it to the people around you.


Every time you choose words, please think about what you want to be in 30 years


The word you choose in this moment will create tomorrow, next year, 10 years, 30 years ahead encountering happiness.


Please use beautiful words.


Let’s feel the heart filled with kindness and laughter. Connect with the universe where God’s voice resounds.


By spreading the fragrance of your kindness, other people will also smile with the fragrance of kindness.