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Lighting up the Darkness




What hurts you the most?


Is it a knife or criticism of others?




What hurts you most are your own thoughts.


It is like you are projecting a negative self image and showing on TV.


It feels so real that you can visualize it easily.


The story goes on and on in the screen and it hurts you more and more.


In fact, the scenario writer is nobody else but you.


Moreover, you start believing that the story is your actual life and keep hurting yourself.


You watch that story over and over until you can recite this story professionally.


Perfect recitation without any mistakes!


The truth is that you can actually change the story of the movie or simply turn it off.


You know it’ll hurt you but you watch it over and over intently.


Even, when other people try to show you other programs, you turn it down and them too “I like to keep watching this, because this is mine, my favorite story.


In this movie, there are many lines of self criticism, anger, fear and various voices well mixed together and your spirit is poisoned with wrong messages.


You may be forced to watch this movie when you were little.


You had no choice of turning it off with a remote control.


However, you are different now from that time.


You don’t have to see it if it’s unnecessary.


You can change the channel or choose to watch some other movies.


You’ve been watching this for a long time so that you don’t even realize you are choosing the useless movie.


Remember that you have a choice to change the channel or watch other movies.


You might have be watching this movie since you are very little…


You might be sitting in a dark room starring at the screen for a long time


But you can always make the choice to turn on the switch of your heart and turn on the light.


Then it surely becomes bright instantaneously.



The switch is love.


Open the curtain and let the light shine in.


The curtain was a wall between you and the world.


Light of love shines trough in your heart room and open the curtain, then the darkness disappears instantaneously.


When the room is lite up , you start noticing there are many things around on the TV.


It might be a nice day out.


Or your friend is waiting for you at the door.


Or your partner may come next to you with smile and suggest to watch a comedy together.


Many people and things flow into your world.


It’s not that they appear suddenly…


You just didn’t see them but they are always there.


Love is such a powerful light to brighten up your darkness like a flash.


Please allow the love energy flowing into your heart.


Then, you’ll see a completely different theme to your movie.


Believe it.


That is your true self.