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Italian Life Style




Four seasons in Japan are beautiful.


In the spring, bewitching pink cherry blossom petals swirl around.


In the summer, my heart pounds with the fireworks lighting up the sky.


In the fall, golden ginkgo leaves cover the ground.


In the winter, white snow and silence will wash my mind clear.


Watching beautiful things and experiencing the beauty of four seasons will stimulate 5 senses.


Feel the seasonal winds.


Smell the scents of nature.


People’s voices are reverberating.


There is a moment when the sense of sight, hearing, and more rejoice.


Feel the joy with your body, not with words.


I read a book written by a woman who traveled in Italy.


According to her, Italian people developed a belief of “You should not trust anyone.”


Throughout the historical events such as local leaders’ political corruption and exploitation of other countries, they started believing that the world is corrupted, unstable and unfair.


They took in the attitude that they can believe only something they can experience with their senses.


The similar tendency spread throughout Europe but Italy has the strong position.


Based on such a historical background, they are quite open minded for useless presidents, journalists, professors because they don’t rely on them from the beginning.


On the contrary, they never compromise about beauty so they can be very critical to incapable opera singers, conductors, ballerinas, actors, directors and chefs and so on.


“Devote yourself to the creation and enjoyment of beauty.”


This does not mean they refuse to face the reality.


It means they are particular about beauty regardless of the world corruption and unbelievable incidents.



They value their lives for pursuing beauty.


One more thing.


Italian people value the art of creating something from the scratch.


It does not mean to spend a lot of money but they create a feast based on simple materials and when a few people gather, then it turns into a cerebration.


That is a good talent, isn’t it?


No compromise for beauty.


In fact, they value the things to please their five senses and turning simple stuff into a fun joyful event.


Surrounded by outer beauty such as music and food make them feel the beauty inside but sharing with other people.


I am Japanese, this Italian way of pursing beauty is very sweet.


“It’s simple but fun” it is great!


Of course it’s good to spend money and go to expensive restaurants or enjoy traveling oversea.


However, without special events, or something unusual, you can still make the daily stuff beautiful and enjoyable.


It is the Italian way of pursing how to look upon it with the eyes of heart.


The more you can have those kind of moments will change your life dramatically.


The accumulation of small joys can be bigger than that of one big event.


Life is a pile of everyday matters.


Creating a space in your life with the Italian way might be a good idea.