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Illness is a message


You have received this life and have been allowed to stay alive to experience a happy life.


As a part of the big universe, you have been continuously taken cared of…


So, if you don’t listen to the voice from your heart, the body sometimes creates symptoms of illness as a message for you.


It is because you possibly have missed some important messages for your life.


You are a sacred being.


Your life is given for your mission… that is …make yourself and people around you happy,share love and walk side by side.


However, sometimes, you condemn and undermine yourself or you hold a low self-esteem.


Or other times, you might listen to others voice rather than your inner voice or cling to the power or money.


All of these distance you from the will of the universe.


You start ignoring your inner voice and lying for benefits.


As a result, there might be some hardships which shows up as illness.


The negative energy causes stresses and forms diseases.


Let me repeat…


You have a greater mission than serving your own ego and therefore you are here.


The people who are conscious about it won’t get sick because they are in tune with the message from God. They are very sensitive to physical symptoms. They know what important values are and take care of themselves well by following them.


Moreover, those people who get involved with their lives are low maintenance.


They are filled with energy and no need to see a doctor….very low medical expense.


On the other hand, if you live for the value of others , or social standards instead of listening to your own voice, you create illness and end up paying expensive medical bills.


You start depending on medicines and your body gets addicted to it.


The origin of illness is a passive living style.


When you realize that and start getting involved with your life more deliberately, the symptom of the illness may be reduced or sometimes disappears. Your will power can do it all.



Your illness is sending you a message right now.


It is questioning you “Are you doing what make you happy now?”


When you receive illness , please remember this…


You are here not to suffer…


You are here to bring the abundance to people around you and share the happiness with them.


Appreciate your life.


Be grateful to the people around you.


Laugh and love yourself and others.


As a result, the illness is no longer illness.


It changes to a gift from God for you to be happier.


Being healthy is wonderful.


Cheers to the healthy life!


Be grateful about a happy life.