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Let’s bloom the flower inside.



How you talk to your child is very important when you raise him.

You need to praise him and give him good self-images in order for him to cultivate beautiful vocabulary.

Let him see and experience various things.

Plan family events such as visiting a museum, the zoo, parks and seeing beautiful flowers, birds, and nature.


Also, celebrate his birthday party with his friends.

He’ll experience the joy of learning, beauty of nature, and connections.

All experiences help him grow physically and mentally.


A child is like a seed of life.

If you just hold it, it will not bloom.

First you need to cultivate the field ,water and then you put the seed.

Sun light is also important.


So, for the seed to grow there are various elements necessary.

It will not grow without any of these elements, not without sun or water.

As it grows, some pests may appear. Some are harmful and some are helpful.

When the obstacles (problems) arise, deciding what needs to be removed is also important.


So as a parent, you need to cultivate the field, first.

Give him a lot of sun light and water.

And also, a lot of love.

Let him see many beautiful things.

As a result, the sprout grows into a beautiful flower.

The sprout is your child’s life.

If there is a pest, share ideas and think together of how to get rid of it.

Later, he can do it by himself.


If you do it all for him, he will take it for granted and never learn how to do it by himself.

As a result, the flower is eaten by the pest and fades.


The process of growing the seed is also the process of knowing who you are.


How much water or sun light is needed?

What kind of pests are there?

When to seed and bloom in what cycle?

When does the sprout come out?

Is it strong in the summer or winter?


Each flower has unique characteristics. Likewise, each child’s life varies.

If you plant the winter flower in the summer, it does not grow.

Likewise, if your child is this way but you want to impose other ways, you are damaging his life for your own happiness or ego.


There is no need to compare to the next flower.


Each flower is beautiful.

Each flower has a role.

Each flower is a sacred being.

And the flower is your child.


So, let’s communicate with him with beautiful words.

The importance of expression is quality not quantity.

Don’t just talk anything but choose nice beautiful words to communicate.

Meanwhile, let him experience various scenes for him to cultivate his way of expression.

It will not remain as an image unless he experiences it by his own.


Once an image has formed, it will turn into words and to the actions.

He starts speaking beautifully and will project beautiful self-images.

The key to raising a child is a balance between education of the right and left brain.

Let him feel with his right brain and solves problems with his left brain.

He can apply it throughout his life.


Please remember that your child has chosen you to see you, to be happy with you.

“I feel happiest with you.” That what his soul says.

When you feel the sacredness of his soul, you can see him from a wider view and not get caught with your own negative feelings.

You are connected with your child by a precious bond.


Please smile and be with him with the feeling of “Thank you. I’m the happiest person in the world to see you.”