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Balance Education


One of the most important parts of raising the kids is to develop their independence.


Some parents take care of their children to much.


They need to be able to survive on their own in the society.


Taking care of self includes mental and physical health in order to function in the society and a child needs to learn how to do it.


Raising a child is a preparation phase.


Learning to do some household chores or helping other family members’ tasks.


It is also the time to cultivate the beautiful mind such as being kind to others or respecting elderly.


They need to learn how to deal with problems and figure out why they happened and how to solve them.


Some parents never let their children to deal with the difficulties and they never learn how to figure it out.


It is essential to be able to think and take actions by themselves because in that way, their will shine as individual.


Let me explain a little more.


In fact, current society provides the education which focuses only on the left brain or right brain.


It means either only on art or science.


In a class room, students are given the task to finish rather than create something.


Art, science and living wisdom are all necessary for the happy life.


With right brain, they use five senses to feel and experience…look, hear, touch, smell and taste and with their left brain, they come up with the solution in order to not to repeat the same mistake or make it better for the future.


They also need to organize their surroundings.


Do not wait for other to do something for they should move proactively.


Take good care of mental and physical health that includes exercise, diet, friends etc)


All of above will prepare them for the independent adults.


Of course, they may not able to do it from the beginning, so you as a parent need to lead them and help them to learn.


In the old days, there weren’t any distributing or exchange system for goods so that people produce everything within their community.


As the society more civilized, we started to depend on products or services and less and less we do thing on our own.


It seems very convenient. However, this convenience may confuse you about your role.


You need to grab your own happiness by looking, hearing and experiencing and think and move by yourself.


Children have enormous possibilities.


Therefore, create the environment where they can keep their good self images.