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What kind of job are you dreaming about?

What kind person do you want to be?

What kind of environment or people do you want to work with?


Let's imagine what it is like.


Keep holding that image and keep putting up your antenna.


Then you can catch the information or attract the encounter whenever you need it.


Once you catch the information, you should take action. Go there, listen to it and feel it.


That's it. Just try it out!


Everyone has desires.


Therefore, there is a gap between the reality and the ideal.


Still, keep visualizing who you want to be and what you want to do.


With your dreams, you put up your antenna toward your vision.


Gaze upon the future.


This is called visualization.


Draw a blueprint of who you want to be.


What kind of career?


Pet shop? entrepreneur?


In 10, 20 or 30 years...


Look back from that point and start from what you can do now!



Don't forget to use your antenna.


Follow your intuition.


One important thing.


Have a beautiful vision in your mind.


Your imagination creates vibration and energy and


it will emanate from your body to the outer world and reach to other people.


Let's look at the example of how you start by creating a vision and start taking action from today.


For example, you want to quite your job and study in the US.


You will not get there by tomorrow but if you keep your antenna spread out,


you will find more information on TV or library.


Or maybe you meet someone who knows about America.


Little by little, there will be unseen supports start gathering.


All you have to do first is keep dreaming about what you want to reach


and let things happen by going with the flow.


Eventually, you will realize that you are swimming with the big current trusting your way.


There may be some difficulties, but they will help you grow.


Within you, there is a true beauty which will never fade.

It's keep shining regardless of what's going on the outer world.


It's up to you how you use it.


The chance is given for all of equally.


What is ideal for you?


Connect with your inner voice and step forward.


Always, make the best out of you.


You are the beautiful one, shining being.


Shine yourself as a gift from God.


Take the chance to express and do what only you can do.


There must be something only you can do. We each have an individual purpose.