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Invest for the Future


Every existing thing , whether it is visible or invisible, has energy.


Saying something negative…


Spending money…


Wishing to be happy….


All of these take some energy.


If you are waiting for someone to make you happy or someone to make your dreams come true, you are creating the energy of dependence.


You’ll be wasting a lot of energy because this kind of dependency creates expectations or even some sacrifices.


On the contrary, the energy of voluntary willingness comes with joy so that it's light and efficient because there is no conflict.


Using the power of your resource (your dearest wish) efficiently and effectively creates a better environment.


One tip about money…


You may think spending money is no good.


You might be worried about the future and save it for the unknown.


It's a common practise.


However, this kind of feeling will undermine the power of money.


Money works as a tool for you to create your happiness.


For example, you wish to study in the US but you cannot go there without spending money.


There are times that investments are necessary for you to reach your dreams.


You need to pay for school and travel expense. If you don’t have a suitcase then, you also need to spend money to buy one.


Saving money is a good idea but also investing on yourself creates some energy.


Money will not increase much if you don’t spend it.


It is not about wasting money.


Money is just a tool to make yourself happy.


If you spend it right, it will come back to you eventually.


Spending money from the space where you connect to your inner self will not only make you happy but also make others happy.


Also, making money voluntary creates good energy.


Spend it not to fulfill your ego but to make you abundant.


Money that goes around will create good energy circulation.


You are allowed to see what you want see or hear so go wherever you want to go and experience it all.


Everything is energy and money is the means of make it possible.


Seeing beautiful creatures will touch your heart.


You mind is limited but exposing yourself to whatever your antenna catches and seeing beautiful or interesting things, places, or people will give you a wider view.


Your viewpoint will be a part of the big universe and you will feel connected.


Therefore, it is our role to create money.


If you have a resistance to it, it means you have a negative belief of "money is dirty."


Whatever the actions you take will be filtered by the belief of "Money is dirty."


Money is energy.


Let's say your life is a car and you are the driver, then you need some gas to drive, right?


Money is that gas in this case.


Money is there for you to experience the true happiness and abundance that is connected with your inner voice. It is not just to achieve the happiness and abundance as a goal.


This energy gets spoiled if you don’t use it so that both making and spending money are important.


Think about how to use or where to allocate it…


As you spend money, think of it as if you are getting some points and that points are accumulated somewhere unseen.


Once, you have enough points, you will receive a surprise.


The surprise could be an incident, job, or encounter.


Just imagine and enjoy your life, then your viewpoint will be wider instead of feeling overwhelmed with a situation in front.


Enjoy making money!


What do you want to be in 10 years?


How about in 20 years?


Imagine what you wish to be. Put your image there ahead of you.


That will be a blueprint of your life.


Visualizing it strongly and working will bring you an expansive and abundant life that will spread around your world.