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Time Investment


You were born to be here not only to pursue your own profits.


You are a part of something big and you have been kept alive for a purpose. Your life is given to share the happiness with the people around you.


Work is the extension of this purpose.


“Hataraku” means to work in Japanese.


If you divide this word into Hata and Raku, Hata means others and Raku means to ease/ to comfort/ to facilitate. So, “hataraku” has a connotation to ease others or help them to be more comfortable or happier.


That is what work is about.


One important point is working should be done voluntarily in stead of passively.


It is not the feeling of “must” but the feeling of “want.”


You want to do this.


When you use the word “want to” consciously, the axis of your life starts shifting from what others want, to what you want to.


Use the words in a beautiful way to others or to yourself, and then your life starts aligning with you and you start attracting the encounter or event match with your vibration.


Connect with your divinity and by listening to your inner voice.


From there you can choose the beautiful words and cultivate the way to express.


It's quality not quantity that matters.


Do not rely on the rational left brain. Feel it with your right brain and abundantly expand your five senses.


It is only a habit that you use negative words sometimes but it’s not the real you.


If there is a bad habit, you can replace with a good habit.


You might need a little twist to do that.


If you live your life passively, you pick up unwanted habits. On the contrary, if you live your life voluntarily with your feeling of “want to”, then you will collect good habits.


When you proactively involve with your life, you will see the depth of your life.


What comes in your mind will manifest in your reality. So be careful.


Therefore, keeping a pureheart is the key to your happiness.


Having good images and choosing beautiful words, the balance of these two is important.


In short, do not just live for fulfilling your ego, but you need a viewpoint as a part of the big universe and see your standing position from there.


Please have the imagination that you are not just a point, but you are within a big ball.


You might be able to see your current job differently from there.


Or, you may see what you really want to do on the extension of where you are and realize that your current job is a process to get there.


Everything happens for a reason.


When you see that you feel grateful for all the encounters.


They all appear in your life for you to reach your happiness.


You are being drawn into making others happiness as well.


We cannot create happiness alone so we need each other to make happiness. Therefore, each one of us is a very important being.


Appreciate people around you. Be grateful about your current job.


Welcome the precious encountering.