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Career For Women



Recently, women are getting more independent and are building up their careers.



Meanwhile, they are facing more conflicts with different values in various areas such as career, marriage, and way of living.



"Am I working for this company for good?"


"Is my current job stable in the future?"


"Is this the best career for me?"



When you feel lost with your decision, or are faced with some difficulties, please remember this message.



Problems arise as a message for you to realize that you are off the track.



The incidence that seems to be a problem is just a signal for you to stop


and rethink what you might have missed along the way.


It is just a sign for you to make some adjustments in order to be happy.



In other words, the problems arise for you to solve and reach your true happiness.



You are a beautiful child of God and sacred being.


Therefore, creating beautiful self-images is very important.



Do you have beautiful self-images?



Having a good self image has a great impact on your career.


If you don't have a good image, it is very difficult to attract a job that makes you happy.



In general, Japanese people have lower self-esteem compared with other countries.




"I'm unworthy..."


"I'm not good at this task..."



Please avoid using these kinds of negative phases toward yourself.



You should hold the vision of who you really want to be and keep reminding that

to yourself over and over.



Let's ask yourself again...



What is a good career for you?


It is a means of creating prosperity and quality time.



A job also helps us grow and bring in chances and valuable encounters.



Through working, you are connected to the society.



Moreover, as a part of this universe, you need to play a given role.



There is something only you can do.


You are the only one who can do this task.



You have many gifts and you use them to contribute.


When you do that, not only does it make you happy but also creates a big circle of happiness.



You were born to experience the abundance of life.



Let's create a happy life and grow through work.


Pray for your happiness as well as others and expand the happiness around you.